Thursday, November 19, 2009

A rematch for France Vs ireland?

France qualified for the 2010 football World Cup, at the expense of Ireland. Pleae see this Daily Telegraph report.

What saddens me was that even though  Thiery Henry handled the ball, he was not booked.

What suprising is that Fifa was very efficient to play cover up. But will we have a rematch? That is mostly unlikely to happen.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Better protection to referees in football (soccer).

Its been a habit of football managers to insult the on-field referees. It is really bad for the game in general. I won't say that the referees don't make decisions that normally favor top clubs.
It is about protecting the interest of the game.

The classic example can be that of the former Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho condemning a referee for poor decisions. The referee got life threatening calls from fans and quit the jobs. Like us even he is human. He doesn't have a television set where he can watch replays over and over again. Referees have to make decisions at lightning speeds.

The managers should know they are responsible for everything they do off and on the field. They should act as professionals, it's about time.

When a manger is found guilty of misconduct, he is just fined or at the most banned for two or three games, which hardly matters. The same managers are not learning from their mistakes which is a pity as they are grown up men. One should always respect authority and on the field always respect the referee. If we wont' teach that to a manager, how can we expect that from a player?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Early Signs!!

The English Premier League has started and some signs have already began to emerge!!

Apart from Arsenal who finished Fourth last season, all teams in the Big Four struggled. Most noteworthy Liverpool who went 2-1 down to Tottenham.

Manchester City is already the talk of town, while Chelsea has already shown strength in their ranks. Finally Ancelotti, is the MR. Right for Chelsea. Manchester had a poor start, but Wayne Rooney showed why he is still among the best in world by his solo goal.Owen missed a golden chance to open his Premier league account, Wayne Rooney setting him a sitter.Berbatov failed to impress again.Liverpool just made too many mistakes.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Manu loseCommunity Shield 2009 to Chelsea!

ManU lost to Chelsea on penalties

It was a great game played by two competitive sides .However the tide of the match Chelsea's way thanks to the decision of the referee of not giving a foul on Evra by Ballack.Manu at the time had 9 players on the field , as Evra was injured and laid flat on the ground and Berbatov receiving treatment off the field.Drogba made a splendid run in the Manu box and gifted the ball to Lampard whose powerful shot should have been stopped by Ben Foster , who had a miserable game.

Both Ballack and Evra displayed poor sportsmanship with Evra receiving a Yellow card.Evra also missed the spot kick, or should I say gifted the ball to Peter Czech as if he was te United goalkeeper.

There were some positives though for United with Rooney getting on the score sheet and Owen showed some form.However the first half goalscorer Nani left the field early in second half

Chelsea had Peter Czech to Thank for the trophy who made quite brilliant saves.Ben foster was truly the worst player.