Sunday, May 13, 2007


Raúl and Reyes had unfinished business with their Stadium. The captain wanted to make sure he got a piece of the action of the amazing comeback and, as always, come through when the team needed him most. Reyes, meanwhile, found his old self and a place in the fans' hearts.

“This was an important victory that allows us to dream of winning the title. We are capable of winning the last four matches, but we have to remind ourselves that they won't be easy. Especially the Huelva match, where we have to win,” said the Madridista captain.

“We discussed our mistakes during the break, but we also knew what their strong points were, especially the counterattack, which they executed to perfection.”


Raúl didn't forget to mention Higuaín, who “deserved to score because he's been working so hard for it.”

Reyes was thrilled with the chance to spend the night as leaders, but he was also grateful for the fans' support. “Today the fans proved that they're sticking by our side until the very last minute. We aren't going to throw in the towel. Every match is a final.”

“We realised that winning was the only option and we did what everyone hoped for. The fans deserve it.”

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