Saturday, June 2, 2007



You forget how good it is to win the league and it's a feeling I want to experience again and again.

Everybody's been desperate for the title this season, from day one. The players have shown great determination, the fans have supported us all the way and the manager has stuck by us. We've proved we're the best team in the league - not just by the points tally, but by the style and class we've shown, as well as the courage and character we've shown in matches like Blackburn, Fulham and Liverpool.

Only 18 months ago people were saying it was the end of United's successful period and there were definitely times when the players were low on confidence and doubted ourselves. You can only take so much criticism and it got to the point where we'd had enough; you either have to step up and deliver or you'll find you're not at the club for much longer.

In that respect, the Carling Cup victory against Wigan in 2006 was a big moment for us. It gave us a taste of winning - it was a new team - and we've gone from strength to strength from there.