Monday, May 19, 2008


In a year that marks 50 years since Munich and 40 since United’s first European Cup success, there has been plenty to look back on this season. But Wayne Rooney wants to write a new chapter in the Reds’ history in Moscow.

Having already beaten Chelsea to the title, Rooney says the players are relaxed and confident. “We enjoyed ourselves last Sunday, but we’re holding back celebrations until after Wednesday,” he says. “Hopefully then we’ll have even more to celebrate.

“We’re more relaxed with the Premier League in the bag. Chelsea might be more anxious because if they don’t win then they’ll win nothing this season. Maybe that helps us, but I’m sure winning the league won’t make it an easier game.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has frequently stated his belief that United, based on stature and past opportunities, should have won more European Cups. Rooney, too, aims to alter that record, and with 1958 and 1968 in mind, hopes fate plays a part in 2008.

“The Champions League is very important, not least because of the club’s history in the tournament,” he adds. “There was the Munich tragedy in 1958 and winning it 10 years later. It'd be good for the club and the players to win it again.

“When you walk around the training ground there are pictures from ’58, ’68 all the way through to today. There’s a big history at this club and the players are well educated on it. I'm excited about the final. I’d like to go to bed and get up on Wednesday! It’s like Christmas when you were a kid – I just can’t wait to get there."

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