Friday, October 5, 2007

Fletcher On United...........

I picked up what I thought was a knee injury during Scotland’s incredible win over France last month. I played on for about five minutes but I had to come off. At first I thought it was just a bad kick and I hoped I'd be able to run it off. But the pain got gradually worse and eventually I couldn't put any pressure on it at all.

I've actually fractured the bone at the top of my leg. It wasn't too bad a fracture – it didn't go all the way through the bone. If it had, it would have been a lot more serious. But I have to give it as much time as possible to let it heal. I can't come back too quickly, although it is getting better all the time.

It's a 4-6-week healing process and it's been about three weeks already. It's frustrating, but these things happen and I have to be patient and wait for my chance.

I’ll be at Old Trafford on Saturday, hopefully watching another United win. I get really involved in the stands. I turn into a fan and get a lot more wound up than I do when I'm on the pitch. I try to stay calm when I play but something else takes over when I watch. I'm up and down, screaming and shouting at the referee.

It's great, though, and it brings me back to what it's like to support a team. The fans play off each other and I get caught up in the atmosphere. It's really good and it helps me forget about my injury for 90 minutes. So, fingers crossed for another victory...

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